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6 -7-8-9-10-11-12 February

Hello everyone. As you all may have heard before there has been earthquakes affecting Turkey and Syria. I'm truly sorry to hear about the devastating earthquake that has struck Turkey and Syria. Our hearts go out to all those affected by this tragic event. We extend our deepest condolences to the families who have lost loved ones and our thoughts are with those who have been injured or displaced.

In times like these, it is crucial that we come together as a global community to offer support, assistance, and solidarity to the affected regions. We are committed to providing any aid and resources that may be necessary to help with the recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Please know that you are not alone in facing this challenging situation. We stand with you during this difficult time and hope for a swift recovery and healing for all those affected by this earthquake.

So we decided to collect all kinds of materials, clothing and food for people in disaster ares in my school. Alumni also came to school so that we could have more hand to work faster.



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