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Room decoration!!

1 November (1.5 hours)

Hello everyone! How have you been? I hope everyone is doing great. I’m as fine as possible and now I’m gonna tell you what happened.

The next 2 weeks are my exam weeks and I just got covit :(

I’ve been at home for about 5 days and I got bored a lot so I decided to do something I have been postponing for a while.

I wanted to hang posters and pictures on my wall. My friends had helped me to cut butterflies. Thank uuu all :) So today I cut the rest of the pictures I wanted to hang and I was ready to hang all of them. Designing took more time than I expected but I’m really happy with the result. I hope u guys like it :))

12-13 February (3 hours and 30 minutes)

Hello everyone. How is everyone? Today I had an interesting idea.

I decided to make butterflies and ladybugs with silicon. Then I remembered a transparent box, which was the packet of something I had bought. I decided to make a lamp with the box and the butterflies. After I made the butterflies and ladybugs, ı painted them. I painted the transparent box white afterward, then I glued the butterflies to the box. I put the LEDs in the box and tadaa, done.



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I'm an ib student, who wants to share her projects/ work on this blog. I hope everyone can enjoy this blog:)

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