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31 January (30 minutes)

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing?

I have been interested in photography for the last 6 months. I started to take lessons about photography. My teacher assigned us homework and I wanted to take my own pictures for that homework instead of using a photo that has already been taken by someone else. So I went to Üsküdar to take pictures.

7 February (40 minutes)

Hi again! Today I took a lesson about photography after school. I bought a lesson on Udemy and I really liked the lesson. It was super catchy and interesting, also well-expressed. So it's super easy to understand. I'm really looking forward to this lesson.


Hello everyone, how r u all doing? I hıop everyone is doing fantastic. Storytime! My neighbor told me that there was a photography competition going on and I could enroll in it. The topics were climate, reasons, and consequences. ıt was an interesting topic because that's been a hot topic lately. I got excited and started thinking about what I could take a photo of. I spent a week thinking about the photos I wanted to take and I spent about 3 days taking these 3 pictures. I wasn't on the list of the winners but this competition made me realize that there are lots of things people have been doing to protect the environment and there are lots of things we all could have been doing better.



Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I'm an ib student, who wants to share her projects/ work on this blog. I hope everyone can enjoy this blog:)

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