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Modeling Clay

17 December 2021 (2 hours)

Welcome to or welcome back to my blog :) I hope all of you are doing great.

A couple of days ago I found modeling clay at home. It’s the air-hardening kind and I felt it’d be fun to make some pots to keep my jewelry in. I got to work. I made a pot and an incensory. I’m into artistic stuff, I’m not saying I’m good at artistic stuff but I really enjoy it. I hope I’ll get better at doing artistic stuff. I feel like the important part is to keep going and I don't think I’ll be quitting this soon. I’ll give my best and let's see how much I’ll improve :)

7 January (1 hour)

Hello hello! Welcome! Today I got some good news :) I found an extra packet of modeling clay. So why nıot use it asap! So I decided on making a small mushroom and another pot for my jewelry. My mushroom didn't turn out great. I couldn't attach the body part and its cap. I’m planning on gluing it :)) I’ll let u guys know what’ll happen!

13 January (1.5 hours)

Hello again, it's been over a month since I made the pot and the incensory. I had exams and they just finished! I painted them today. I preferred to use different shades of brown for the pot. I started to like brown a lot lately, as you can see :) For the incensory, I used blue and made it look like a lake.

14 January (0.5 hour)

Welcome to the final results of the pot and the incensory. Today I just varnished them and it took half an hour. And I also vanished a tray I had painted a long time ago, so I'm gonna add its photo as well cause why not :))



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