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I sewed a bag

8 November (2 hours)

Hello everyone, how is it going? Today has been a great day so far. I hope you are all enjoying your days as well.

Last summer I found lots of unused fabrics in our house. They were patterned and plain fabrics with different colors. I had no idea what to do with them until the 8th of November. I’ve seen a bag like this in my wardrobe and then I decided to use the fabrics to sew a bag. At first, I decided how big I wanted the bag to be. Then I cut the fabric and I put needles at the three sides of the fabric in order to sew it straight. Then I get to work. I had some technical issues with the sewing machine, so it took a lot more time. I watched videos on how to fix the issue about the machişene. After working 2 hours of work I finally had my product. It was a great experience, now I can use the sewing machine better and I have a better image in my head about how to sew. I made some mistakes since it was my first time sewing without help. But I’m happy with my first product.



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I'm an ib student, who wants to share her projects/ work on this blog. I hope everyone can enjoy this blog:)

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