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Cera(mic) ­čÄĄ

6 December (2 hours)

Hellooo mates, how have u been? I hope everyone is suuper happy :))

Today was my first time at the ceramic club. We worked on masks today. IÔÇÖve learned some techniques and it was really exciting to try something for the first time. I had a great time and our teacher is the sweetest. IÔÇÖll attach the photo of me while I was working on my mask and later on IÔÇÖll add the final product.

Stay tuned ;))

20 December (2 hours)

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing great. We painted our previously made cups and plates today. I learned how to paint ceramic, too. IÔÇÖm looking forward to what IÔÇÖm going to learn next.

5 January (2 hours)

Hello! today we did ceramic plates and places leaves on them so that it would have designs on that we can color later on. It was super fun. I will definetaly do this again.

15 January (2 hours)

Hi! Our plates that we did last week were ready to paint this week. So we pained the leaves on those plates and it turned out even better than I have imagined.

14 February (2 hours)

Hi! How is everyone?

Today we painted the ceramics we had done in the previous weeks. It was my first time learning how to use these paints. It was fun.

21 February (2 hours)

Hello everyone?

Today we started making candelabra. We could choose the style we want our candelabra to be. It was harder than I expected. I couldn't finish it in 2 hours, so I'm gonna continue next week.

28 February (2 hours)

Hiiii! How are you guys doing?

Today we made vases. As you guys know IÔÇÖm really into pants and this was the perfect opportunity to create a vase to my liking. My vase is a pyramidal one. IÔÇÖll attach a photo after it's done.

7 March (2 hours)

Hello everyone! How is everyone?

I finished my candelabra today. I think it turned out great. IÔÇÖll give the candelabra to my mother as a gift after I completely finish it. IÔÇÖll attach the last products photo. Stay tuned for more!

21 March (2 hours)

Hello fellas! How is everyone doing? I hope all of you are doing better than ever. We started a new project at the ceramic classes. We are painting ceramic pieces with different motifs and making a project as a group. I really liked working as a group because everyone has their own style and it feels so natural. I painted a motif and when I put it next to my friend's motif they were connected but different motifs. The line from line to line was connected to her line and it turned out amazing. weÔÇÖre still not done. IÔÇÖm excited.

4 June (2 hours)

I made a vase for mother. I have been wanting to do something for her for a while. I decided that vase was the best option since she really loves flowers. I want to use colors for my vase that would go with our living room so more blue based colors would be great.

8 Jude (2 hours)

Today I painted the vase I made last week. As I have mentioned before I used blue along gray. I think it is going to turn out amazing. I am really excited for the result product.



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